London views

Endless streams of rushing people
Quickly moving at frantic pace
Minding the gap
Minding their phones
Minding their kindles and their books
But not minding their own mind at all.

By all means mind the gap – the one between thoughts
And find the silence amidst the noise
The stillness behind the movement.

How wonderful!

In the openness of now

In the openness of Now I shift from thinking to awareness Rising above the dimmed mind There I stand in the beautiful naked body of Presence Timeless, Ageless, Deathless Unimpaired by memories Opinions or thoughts In this beautiful space There is only Now, flowing quietly It could be anywhere Anytime Beyond dreams and drama, Parting…

Manjushri’s song

My mistress is this unbearable tenderness And my goal Is never to be parted from her Night and day, and every second of my life, In a close and unique embrace. In the unbearable aspect There is the certainty of death, The immeasurable space of parting; In the tenderness There is you and all beings…